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General Information

The Department of Chinese Literature aims to develop the inherent Chinese culture, and to carry it forward; on the one hand, to carry out modern literature so that it can inherit the traditional but not the conservatives and pass on the new but not partial to the present. Therefore, the department has a wide range of study fields, including the mastery of Confucian Classics, History, Philosophy, Belle-Lettres, Augmentation, textual criticism, and Rhetoric research. It is to inherit and develop the appreciation and creation of the traditional and modern styles, cultivating talents for Chinese academic research and teaching, and a wide range of cultural workers.

At the same time, to adapt to modern society and enable students to meet the needs of the society after graduation, practical courses such as applied literature, journalism, mass communication theory, drama creation and performance, calligraphy, Chinese painters, classical poetry recitation teaching, dynamic web page, animation production, theme literature are offered. Students are encouraged to "apply what they have learned." Besides, there are "Phoenix theater festival" and "phoenix prize for literature," which is to reach the realistic level, focusing on the cultivation of writing, the training of editors, and the implication of drama, integrating theory, creation, and practice. As for the direction of the establishment of the master's and doctor's program, it focuses on the exploration of Chinese classical and modern literature, the integration of Chinese academic thought, and the research of Chinese cultural history, language, and philology.

Courses Introduction

The courses in our department can be categorized into five areas:

1. Linguistics & Characters: research on linguistics, phonology, and characters.

2. Canons & Thoughts: research on aesthetics, Confucianism, metaphysics, and others.

3. Classical Literature & Literature Theory: research on the classical verse, novel, Tung-hwang Materials, and others.

4. Modern Literature & Literature Theory: research on prose, poetry, and theater;

5. Practical Literature: research on Chinese teaching materials and methods, Library Science, Computer Science, Journalistic Writing, and others.

I. We offer almost all types of compulsory courses, including philology, phonology, History of Chinese Philosophy and History of Chinese Literature, Classical Poetry, and Various Chinese Classical Literature. History related courses should be taken in two years after a thoughtful decision made by the department, for instance, History of Literature should be taken in year 2 and 3, while History of Philosophy should be taken in year 3 and 4. It allows the student in our department to have stronger macroscopic fundamental learning.

II. In the scope of modern Literature, we are the only higher institution that included courses like "Introduction of Literature," appreciation of the modern novel, and appreciation of modern drama performing as mandatory courses. We strongly believe our decision will put Chinese Literature in front of the modern world and make it a trend. More importantly, we are also the only institution that owns a professional theater classroom for students enrolled in modern drama performing.


1. Undergraduate Courses

The mission of establishing the Chinese Literature Department is to promote the learning of Chinese culture and develop it further. Both Classical and Modern Chinese Literature analyses are equally highlighted via understanding, renovating, and performing various ways. However, the emphases are more onto Classical Literature, Modern Literature, Practical and Themed Literature, Classical Poetry, Philosophy, Linguistic Philology, and Historical Writing. The goal of Chinese Literature Department is to nurture more knowledgeable individuals in academia, research, and innovation.

2. M.A. Program

The MA in Chinese Literature has a mission to further discover Classical and Modern Literature by merging Chinese Philosophy and related research. Classical Chinese Literature is mainly based on historical writing from the Wei dynasty to the Song dynasty. However, the exploration of Modern Literature is responsible for the Modern Literature research institute after it is founded.

Master in Chinese Literature, specific in Modern Chinese Literature. The mission of having this major is to discover further the transformation of Traditional Classic Writing to Modern Literature, as well as the theoretical type of writing in both Eastern and Western Literature. Productions and books written by some famous Chinese authors and linguists will be well studied.

3. Doctoral Degree

This major aims to further study classical Chinese literature from the Wei dynasty to the Song dynasty. Meanwhile, the students will have to expand their learning in Modern Literature, Taiwanese Classical Literature, and Overseas Chinese Literature, emphasizing Chinese Literal Philosophy and Philology.

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